About Us


L’Amoreaux Badminton Club is a club for its members.  We do not allow bookings of courts of any sort.  However we will allow guests to come play for a nominal fee.

Playing times

The permit for the gyms is from 7 to 10 p.m., Monday, Thursday and Friday.

The school caretaker may unlock the entrance door only when one of our club representatives is present. The club representatives are Daniel Young, Colin Ng, Vincent Kwan, , Yet Cha, Frank Wang and Jenny Lin. If none of these is available for a given date, another club member will be designated the club representative for that day.

The caretaker may lock the entrance door after 7:15 p.m. The club will place a doorbell on the left jamb of Door 12A, about 10 paces south (left) of the entrance door. If the entrance door is locked, go to Door 12A, ring the doorbell, and return to the entrance door. Someone will come and open the entrance door for you.

Members must leave the school no later than 10 p.m.

Please report anything unusual to a caretaker or the club executive, immediately.

The club and its executive are not responsible for any personal injury, loss or theft that any member, or their guest, may incur, no matter how it may happen.

Club program

Four courts are available on Monday, Thursday and Friday. The club provides nets and plastic shuttles. Members must provide their own racquets. Proper dress is expected. A board system is used to give members equal playing time and well matched games. Games are set up by a member of the executive, and are timed. When you arrive to play, please take your name tag from storage and place it on the board. Before playing your last game of the evening, please return your name tag to storage. If you leave without removing your tag from the board, your tag may be included in a new round of games. Your absence will delay the start of the game you were selected for, and may result in unbalanced games for the remaining players, which is unfair to those players. The Handicap Tournament will be held in late November and/or early December. The Championship Tournament will be held in late April and early May. Schedules and dates will be announced later. These tournaments are organized in divisions according to the skill levels of the entrants. We plan to run a men’s doubles ladder this year, for the first time, starting in January. There will be an announcement seeking entries and giving the format and rules. The Executive needs your co-operation to run the club. Please tell them if you have concerns. Please help when asked, and offer to help when needed. Please clean up all garbage, and leave the gyms and change rooms tidy.



We are operating out of the L’Amoreaux Colligate Institute Highschool.

The address is:

2501 Bridletowne Circle

Scarborough, Ontario

M1W 2K1

You can find the Google Maps link here: http://g.co/maps/tm79